How To Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops

It is very easy to install new kitchen countertops. You don’t need any fancy tools or techniques. You also don’t have to be a professional to do the job well. All it takes is common sense and a little bit of patience to get your Laminate Kitchen Countertops looking like new.

The first step in learning how to paint Laminate Kitchen countertops is to remove any old coating of paint on the surface. You can’t just scrub it clean. The surface has to be completely sealed off for the primer to work. To prep the surface, use a razor knife to cut out the rough edges. Then, dust the entire surface using an airbrush or dusting tool. Vacuum the surface to remove any dust particles.

Next, you will have to apply the primer. You can either apply it by using a brush or roller. Make sure to uniformly cover all surfaces in order to get the best result. Once the primer has dried for an hour or so, it is ready to apply the base coat.

This may seem like a long process, but in reality, it only takes about an hour to do a single coat. It helps if you spray the new coat on with a rag and let it dry in the same way as the previous coat. When it does dry, you should check to make sure that the new color is evenly coated all around the surface. If not, sand the spots that aren’t getting covered in paint.

You will have to decide whether to refinish the countertops or coat them with a clear coat. Many people do a combination of both. For most surfaces, coat with a clear coat will help protect it from scratches. Refinishing, on the other hand, will help bring out the natural beauty and luster of the new countertops.

If you are planning to refinish your laminate kitchen countertops, the process is very similar to how to paint other wood surfaces. First, you will need to clean the surface. Scrub it thoroughly using a soft bristled brush and soap. The soap solution will help loosen up dirt, food particles, and other debris that may have found its way into the cracks of the countertop.

After the surface has been cleaned, apply an even layer of paint. Begin by painting in a medium to light shade. Be careful when using a brush, as the lighter the paint the easier it will be to touch up mistakes. Use a fine point brush that will still pick up the highlights while covering large areas. Allow the paint to dry for the amount of time recommended on the container. Once it is dry, cover the surface with plastic wrap or an old t-shirt to help protect it from any liquid that may leak from the surface.

When you are done with your project, you will have a beautiful kitchen surface that looks like someone sat down and drew on it. It will have absorbed the moisture in your kitchen, but will not have absorbed the grease or oil that was present prior to the painting. With proper care, your Laminate kitchen countertops should last for many years. If you are looking for ways on how to paint Laminate kitchen countertops, these tips should help you out. Happy painting!

Laminate does require a sealer if it is going to be exposed to moisture, heat or acidic liquids such as wine, tomato sauce, fruit juices, milk or beer. For a smooth, glossy finish do not use a high-gloss or semi-gloss paint. Always use a matte or low-gloss paint. Do not use acrylic paints because they will scratch the paint off. Do not wash the kitchen utensil with abrasive soap as this will also damage the surface.

As you see the pattern and color you have painted will not stand out against the grain of the wood. This is due to the fact that the grain of the wood will be dulled by the oils left behind by the homeowner when they cleaned the surface. If you want the original look of the Laminate surface, you will have to sand it down and reapply the sealer. However, if you have sanded it down already, you can just wipe it down with a soapy cloth and use an extra coat of sealer to protect the Laminate surface.

How to paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops should be quite easy now, isn’t it? The only advice I have for you is to be patient. If you have taken the time and effort to carefully choose the right color of paint, used a quality sealer and plan your job carefully you will do fine. Remember, your kitchen countertops are just like any other surface. You will have to take some time to prepare and paint it but in the end you will be happy with the results.