How To Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

If you are like many people who use wooden cutting boards at home, you may wonder how to clean them. One way to get this done safely is to not leave the boards on the surface of your table surface for too long. Some of the materials that the wooden boards are made from should not be exposed to moisture. If they are you run the risk of destroying the material.

How to dry them? To dry them simply take them off the board and put them in a dry area. Do not use heat to dry the boards as this can cause cracking. A hair dryer or an oven will work well if you do not have other drying options at home. Just set the area to burnished and leave it alone to dry.

How to use sawdust to remove old stains? If you would like to know how to use sawdust to remove old stains from wooden boards, you will need to first understand how sawdust is used. When you buy new wood kitchen cabinets or even new flooring you are purchasing a very dense and hard wood. Sawdust is one of the products used to finish the wood. The product has an oily feel and texture and is great for finishing the wood when it is still moist. Since the sawdust has been saturated with moisture, it is also very absorbent and will pull the stain out of the wood with ease.

How to clean wooden cutting boards with sawdust? When using sawdust to remove stains from your boards you need to start by placing a small amount of sawdust on the board and then working the material into the grooves and bumps of the board. You want to work the sawdust into all of the crevices and dents. You do not want to just use sawdust though; you also want to use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a clean dry cloth to take off the remaining dust and dirt.

How to clean wooden cutting boards is not difficult if you have the right tools. One of the best tools that can be used when learning how to clean wooden cutting boards is a bristle brush. Brushing your boards daily will remove a lot of the dust and dirt that are sitting on them. You will also be surprised at the beautiful look of your new boards.

What if you cannot seem to get the boards clean? This does not mean that they are too dirty or need to be finished. Many times there are tiny scratches that are never noticeable to the untrained eye. You can use a bristle brush to make the scratch disappear. You may not want to use a bristle brush because it could cause damage to the wood.

To eliminate the small scratches, you may want to use a liquid detergent and water. Try mixing one part detergent to five parts water and apply it to the board using a clean damp towel. This is known as “shoe polish”. By using this solution, you will see a difference in the shine of the board.

How to clean wooden cutting boards is really quite easy. You do not have to spend hours scrubbing to get the surface just right. All you need is a few minutes and some elbow grease. You may want to invest in a bristle brush to keep your board’s nice and shiny. You may want to see what kind of wood you have to ensure that you choose the right type of board for your project. You will find that once you get started, learning how to use sawdust to give your boards a brand new look and your project will be more enjoyable than you thought.